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Master of Public Policy

The 3-semester or maximum of 8 semesters programme of studies provides rigorous on-campus training. The MPP is offered at a post-graduate level and is geared to the needs of practising or prospective managers who wish to acquire or enhance the skills necessary for effective and responsible public sector management and policy analysis.

The programme will equip candidates with knowledge in the fields of public policy processes and affairs in local and global contexts, and with theoretical and methodological skills in public policy issues.


The program is designed for highly talented and highly motivated students who want to pursue a career in the public sector, non-profit-organisations or private businesses, whether on the local, regional, national or international level. The interdisciplinary program equips candidates with the scientific knowledge and practical experience they will need to advance the public interest by making policy decisions on a rational basis and by implementing policy programs effectively. The structure of the curriculum of the MPP at INPUMA is:


To be able to comprehend the complexity of modern political processes and to take part in their design. Candidates will be exposed to interdisciplinary education, especially in economics, law and political science, taught by faculty members from various departments within the university and outside the University of Malaya.


Courses are taught with an eye on practical examples and real-world problems - some of them are taught by experts with practical experience.


The curriculum of the MPP programme meets international standards. English is the main working language. Candidates and lecturers from Malaysia and all over the world will learn and work together.

Programme Vision, Mission and Objectives:


To improve the quality of decision-making and implementation in public policies.


To expand on ideas and knowledge regarding public concerns and improve skills in dealing with public issues professionally

  • Offering a Masters-level education program which would provide students with analytical thinking and skills that could be used to identify various policy concerns as well as encourage students to understand various policy issues from an intellectual perspective
  • To encourage and utilize the faculty’s knowledge and expertise to solve problems
  • To cooperate with other researchers to analyze and form effective decisions regarding important questions in public policy


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