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INPUMA, which is located in the Research Management and Innovation Complex building, at the main campus has been established with a twin purpose: to be at the forefront on public policy issues, as well as to cater to the needs of society by developing professional skills in management and administration. INPUMA has strived to achieve those objectives. Since its inception in August 1999, INPUMA has built up a well-deserved reputation for generating new and imaginative ideas.

The strength of INPUMA is reflected in its achievements, which I wish to briefly highlight. To achieve its objective as a centre of public policy and management studies, INPUMA offers an academic programme, the Master of Public Policy (MPP), the first academic programme of its kind in Malaysia.

INPUMA has conducted countless training and capacity building programmes over the years. It conducts training for public officials locally and internationally mostly through the Malaysian Technical Co-operation Program (MTCP), under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the international level, INPUMA has trained public officials from various countries, namely, Sudan, the ASEAN member countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, and post-conflict countries namely Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and Iraq. In the pipeline, more countries are coming for the training programmes on capacity-building and good governance.

INPUMA is also committed to disseminating ideas and knowledge. It conducts ongoing research, hosts public lectures and conferences that highlight important questions about issues involving public policy. Its international conferences and seminars deal with various issues relating to good governance and development and its public lecture series on topical issues has touched the lives of many citizens.

With continued assistance and support from the University of Malaya and collaborations with key national policy-making departments, private agencies and international organisations, I am confident that INPUMA will be poised to be Malaysia's international centre of learning excellence.