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The University of Malaya (UM) established the International Institute of Public Policy and Management (INPUMA) in August 1999.

After 20 years of excellence, INPUMA continues to become:

  • A platform for the discussion of topical issues on public policy,
  • A training centre for public administrators and managers,
  • A source of new ideas on public policy
  • A regional centre of excellence in public policy and public management studies.

The objectives of INPUMA are as follows:

  • a source of new ideas on public policy and management,
  • a research and training centre for public policy and management,
  • a platform for discussion on topical issues in public policy and management,
  • a conduit for sharing Malaysia's development experiences with other countries, and
  • promotion of regional and international co-operation and understanding.

To achieve these objectives, INPUMA focuses on the following five fields of studies:

  • Public and Economic Policy and Development Planning,
  • Governance, Management and Administration,
  • Human Development,
  • Science, Technology and Environmental Management, and
  • International Studies.