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Selected Malaysian Public Agencies: Consequences of Policy Action and Inaction

Johor dalam Konteks Ekonomi Global

Occasional Papers

Series 1

Bridging the Digital Divide in Marginalised Areas: With a Particular Focus on IT Policy, Planning and Implementation Issues in Malaysia, ISBN no.: 983-41745-1-9, January 2004

Series 2

Gender Conscious City Design, Planning and Management, ISBN no.: 983-41745-2-7, June 2004

Series 3

The Malaysian Medical Professionals: Serving the Public Interest, ISBN no.: 983-41745-3-5, September 2004

Series 4

National Land Information System Implementation Issues, July 2006

Series 5

International Joint Ventures Between Multinational Enterprises and Government-Linked Companies in Malaysia, ISBN no.: 978-983-44293-1-7, June 2008

Series 6

E-Government in Malaysia: Barriers and Progress, ISBN no.: 978-983-41745-9-0, June 2008

Series 7

The New Economic Policy and US Foreign Direct Investment in Malaysia, ISBN no.: 978-983-44293-0-0, June 2008

Series 8

Addressing Corruotion in Malaysia: A General View, ISBN no.: 978-983-44293-3-1, December 2008


Series 1

“Policy Issues in Higher Education in the New Millennium”, The Proceedings for the International Conference on Policy Issues in Higher Education in the New Millennium

Series 2

“All The World’s a Battlefield”, Conference Proceedings on Political Violence and Terrorism, ISBN no.: 983-2085-59-4, November 2001

Series 3

“Rekinding Islamic Ideals” Proceedings of the Seminar on Islamic Globalisation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues and Challenges, ISBN no.: 983-2085-52-7, March 2002

Series 4

The Proceedings of the Conference, “The Challenges of Democratisation and Good Governance in Malaysia Public Sector”, September 2009


Series 1

INPUMA Public Lecture Series, 2001-2003, ISBN no.: 9834-41745-0, April 2004

Series 2

Managing Universities for the Future, ISBN no.: 978-983-44293-2-4, February 2009

Series 3

Cetusan Minda Arshad Ayub (The Thoughts and Reflections of Arsha Ayub), ISBN no.: 978-983-44293-5-5, 2009

Series 4

Case Studies on Government Programs and Policies, ISBN no.: 978-983-100-487-6, 2009

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